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19 April 2008 @ 11:17 pm
Shippo was  not in the best of moods. He couldn't find anyone. Anywhere. It was getting to the point that he was going to go to Kaede and ask her to have some people help him.

But for the time being, he was eating an apple in a tree. The little fox had climbed tree in hopes of seeing his friends. At the time he hadn't noticed how high up it was. 

Well, now he did.

It had taken him a good deal of time to reach the very top. He'd tried very hard to get there and had been so proud of himself for making it on his own. That was, until he realized just how high he'd climbed.

He'd tried calling for help, but it wasn't any help. He was too far from the village for them to hear, and too high for anyone on the ground. Not that his friends were down there to help anyways.

And so he'd taken a apple and started eating it, figuring he might as well.

It seemed he was going to be there awhile anyways. Why not?
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19 April 2008 @ 10:58 pm
Okay! We're open! Ready? Go!
19 April 2008 @ 10:52 pm
When you join, you use an rp account. The username should have something to do with the character whether it be looks, personality, or what they like to eat. Anything really.

Shippo is a mini fox. xD

When you post, tag your post with your username. It makes it easier to find them later if we need to.

For userpics try to find some of your character with different emotions, and when you post, use the emotion icon that fits the post. 

Make sure you set your posts to everyone when you post. (I've made that mistake. Hahaha.)

Your post can be written in several different ways.
As if your character is posting:

Guys! I can't find InuYasha anywhere! Has anyone seen him? Kagome seems upset. I think she thinks he's gone off to see Kikyo again. -sigh- 

Third person:

Shippo came scrambling into the room, skidding across the wooden floor. "Guys!" He cried, panting. "I can't find InuYasha anywhere! Has anyone seen him?" The little fox took a seat. "Hm. Kagome seems upset about it. I think she thinks he's gone off to see Kikyo again..." He let out a sigh.

And other ways. Those are justsome examples.
Again, if  you have any questions, just ask. :)
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19 April 2008 @ 10:49 pm
As of now the list of characters: 
Shippo - mini_fox